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Ontario Is Reportedly Revealing Its Own Vaccine Passport In Just A Few Days

It'll reportedly be used for non-essential settings like movie theatres and restaurants.

Ontario Vaccine Passport Is Reportedly Coming In A Few Days

After previously refusing to implement certificates of vaccination, it seems the provincial government is changing course and an Ontario vaccine passport is reportedly coming in just a few days.

According to CBC News, multiple sources with knowledge of the government's plan said the implementation of the vaccine passport will be discussed at a cabinet meeting on August 31. They also revealed that even though some cabinet members are opposed to it, the program will still go ahead.

A senior government source told CTV News that Premier Doug Ford will meet with his cabinet to finalize the plan and the program will be unveiled in the coming days. The source said the certificate will be for non-essential settings like movie theatres and restaurants.

Following the reports, Ontario Liberal Leader Steven Del Duca said in a statement that he was "delighted" to hear Ford may be considering vaccine passports. "It is the right thing to do to keep Ontario families safe during the fourth wave," he said.

In July, Ford said that his government wouldn't require people to show proof of vaccination because it would cause a "split society."

But he has been facing pressure to create a system, with Toronto Mayor John Tory and Justin Trudeau calling for certificates to be implemented in Ontario.

"Already Premier Horgan and Premier Legault have stepped up and I certainly hope that here in Ontario Premier Ford steps up as well. It's time for him to listen to public health officials and leaders," Trudeau said on August 27. "We'll be ready when he does."

Health Canada has a robust website with all the latest information on the vaccines and can answer any questions you may have. Click here for more information.

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