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Ontario's Whimsical Hidden Windmill Will Give You Major Fairytale Vibes

Add some enchantment to your life!

There's magic in the air at this whimsical spot. The province is full of enchanting places to explore, and you need to add this hidden gem to your bucket list. An old stone mill tucked away in a park will add some extra sparkle to your life. You'll feel like you've fallen into a storybook at Ontario's fairytale windmill

Prepare your horse and carriage, because this magical spot will whisk you away to a fantasy land. 

You can stumble across a charming windmill nestled in Windsor that's straight out of a Disney movie.

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The Sandwich Windmill is a commemorative structure of mills that existed in the 18th century.

Erected in 1992, the structure is a tribute to the original mills of the area, some of which provided flour to American troops during the War of 1812.

The wind-powered gristmill features a unique message on its circular wall. 

The words, "all we are is all we were" can be seen in giant, curving letters.

At night, the scene becomes extra magical as the letters light up.

You can find this magical mill in Mill Street Heritage Park. 

This isn't the only hidden fairytale building Ontario has to offer. The Pioneers Memorial Tower in Kitchener is straight out of Rapunzel.

The 19-metre tower has round stone walls and a Swiss-style copper roof, and you'll almost expect to see Rapunzel's hair come tumbling out of the window.

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From dreamy waterfalls to whimsical castles, you don't need to turn on your television to experience some fairytales.

You can even spend a night in a Disney-esque Airbnb for a happily-ever-after vacation.

Next time you're in the Windsor area, stop by this beautiful mill for some Insta-worthy photos and magical views.

The Sandwich Windmill

Price: Free

Address: Mill Street Heritage Park, Windsor, ON

Why You Need To Go: Step into a fairytale by visiting this whimsical windmill.

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