Bundle up, folks! Ontario's weather forecast is predicting over 20 centimetres of snow will hit parts of the province this week. 

According to The Weather Network, northern regions, particularly those north of Lake Superior, will face an onslaught of "wet snow and ice pellets" by Wednesday.

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A special weather statement has already been issued for the City of Thunder Bay and other surrounding areas warning of flurries and freezing rain.

Meanwhile, the community of Hearst is predicted to get up to 30 centimetres of snow by mid-week.

However, areas closer to the GTA don't need to pull out their shovels. Instead, parts of Southern Ontario can expect a few rain showers into Wednesday. 

What spots are going to get the most snow? 

According to TWN, Hearst will see the most amount of snow on Thursday, with around 25-30 centimetres.

However, Marathon and Moosonee won't be far behind, with around 15-25 centimetres. 

Other areas, including Thunder Bay, will see a bit less accumulation, with around 5-10 centimetres. 

If you aren't in this northern part of the region, chances are you won't have to worry about any snow. 

What will the rest of spring look like? 

TWN predicts that Ontario's spring will be warmer than most years and residents will be able to enjoy some milder weather. 

In fact, the first half of April is expected to be mostly warm conditions. 

However, above-normal rainfall is predicted, so expect quite a number of rainy days.