An Ontario Man Was Caught Using His Porsche To Lug An Entire Hot Tub Down The Road (VIDEO)

He's being charged with careless driving.
Porsche Pulling A Hot Tub Down The Road Results In An Ontario Man Being Charged

A Woodstock, Ontario man took on more weight than he could pull. Police officers stopped the 54-year-old after receiving calls about a Porsche pulling a hot tub down the roadway. The tub was propped up on a makeshift wooden cart, which was fastened to the trunk.

According to Woodstock Police, the incident happened on Wednesday afternoon at around 1:30 p.m. 

Officers arrived on the scene at Dundas Street West around the 11th Line, where they were able to stop the driver. According to police, the situation could have caused serious injury to others. 

"Had this hot tub became unattached from the homemade trailer that it was being towed on, would have caused serious damage and injury to anyone in its path,” said Constable D’Annibale of the Woodstock Police Traffic unit.

Since then, the man has been charged with careless driving. 

In a photo shared by the police, the massive object almost looks as big as the car itself. 

Multiple pieces of wood were installed in the trunk, which was left open as the driver attempted to travel with the giant object in tow.

If you are planning on buying a hot tub in the near future, the police warn that there are a few rules you'll want to follow if you don't want to get charged. 

You must be registered to tow large items and ensure that there are proper lights and a "good trailer hitch."

It's unclear how many of these rules were broken by the driver.

Woodstock Police are also stressing to the public to be as safe as possible on the roads when attempting to haul large items.

 “All drivers on the roads should have a safe environment when travelling. Towing items such as trailers with larger items have the potential to cause a dangerous situation for everyone using the roadway”.

This isn't the only bizarre case of careless driving that has been reported this year.

Drivers have been pulled over for eating poutine with both hands and watching YouTube behind the wheel. 

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