Doug Ford had some strong words on Tuesday for the protest outside Mayor Tory's house.

Ontario's Premier said on July 7 that people broke an "unwritten rule" by turning up at Tory's residence. The protesters' complaints regarded rent and Bill 184.

You just don't go to their private residence, their family has nothing to do with it... Don't harass families.

Doug Ford

Ford said of protesters outside Tory's house: "There's an unwritten rule, and maybe they didn't read it: You don't go to someone's house."

"Mayor Tory's free game when he walks out that door, I'm free game when I walk out the door, but don't harass families," he concluded.

Regarding the protest's motives, a group called Keep Your Rent says the provincial government’s changes to Bill 184 allows landlords to remove thousands of residents.

Tory noted on Tuesday his neighbours were "unnerved" by the action outside his condo building.

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