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Reign Dessert Cafe Has Boozy Ice Cream Scoops

If you love ice cream and Hennessy but can't take a shot for the life of you, Reign Dessert Cafe may have the perfect pregame solution.

Their boozy scoops come in five in-house-made flavours, including Hennything For You made with Hennesy, Déjà Brew made with Baileys, Rum Forest Rum made with Bacardi and matcha, Too Fire made with Fireball and Whiskey Business made with Jack Daniels and honey.

Each litre of ice cream only has about one shot worth of alcohol in it, so you don't need to worry about getting too tipsy while you indulge unless you plan on eating a few pints.

A single scoop costs $6, and if you're looking to feast, you can get a double for $9. Since each signature flavour is made with alcohol, you must be 19 years old or older to order.

The new dessert cafe opened on July 24 in Markham, with a host of delicious treats and ice cream flavours, both boozy and regular.

Their most popular non-boozed-infused flavours are Monster Cookie, Unicorn, and Strawberry Shortcake. A single scoop of each will only run your $4 or $5.50 for a double scoop.

They also serve waffles in over nine flavours and signature drinks like Butterfly Pea Flower Lemonade, Strawberry Milk Latte, and classic coffee drinks like espressos and teas.

The cafe itself is filled with Instagramable corners, including a flower wall and neon signs so you can grab the perfect pic with your dessert.

Reign Dessert Cafe

Price:: 💸

Cuisine: Ice Cream

Address: 302 Copper Creek Dr., Markham, ON

Why You Need To Try It: This new dessert cafe has original in-house boozy ice cream flavours, oreo waffles and signature drinks.


    Brooke Houghton
    Toronto Staff Writer
    Brooke Houghton is a Staff Writer for Narcity Canada's Ontario Desk focused on celebrity news and is based in Toronto, Ontario.
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