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200 Partiers Turned Toronto's Riverdale Park Into An Outdoor Rave Last Night (VIDEO)

With lights, a DJ and dancing! 😳

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200 Partiers Turned Toronto's Riverdale Park Into An Outdoor Rave Last Night ...

A nighttime rave with dancing, a DJ and a light show at Riverdale Park in Toronto was broken up by law enforcement on June 4.

Narcity spoke with Peter Papadimitriou, who happened upon the rave and captured what was going down on video, and he said that about 200 people were partying on the baseball diamond at the park.

Papadimitriou noted that people weren't socially distancing but many did have face coverings on.

"Some people were drinking and smoking, so obviously they couldn't through their mask, but for the most part, they were wearing masks," he said.

Constable Ed Parks with the Toronto Police told Narcity that officers were called to a noisy party and large gathering in the park's east area at 9:55 p.m., which was later dispersed. Officers are investigating and charges could be laid at a later date if they are warranted, Parks said.

What else went down with the Riverdale Park party?

Papadimitriou was at the park from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. to watch the sunset when noises could be heard from the baseball diamond. He went to have a look and that's when he took the video of the DJ and people dancing.

He said around 1,000 people were at the park to watch the sunset but about 200 were "having a good time" gathered on the baseball diamond.

"They were dancing, they were under the influence," he said of the partiers.

When Papadimitriou went to check out the party, he said that the "funniest part" of his evening came when someone came up to him and told him to wear a mask. He had it in his pocket but had forgotten to put it on when he got near the crowd.

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    Trending Senior Staff Writer
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