Italy Fans Tore Up The Streets Of Toronto After Euro Cup Win (VIDEOS)

England fans looked absolutely devastated. 😩

Italy Fans Tore Up The Streets Of Toronto After Euro Cup Win (VIDEOS)
Toronto Associate Editor

Italy Fans Tore Up The Streets Of Toronto After Yesterday's Euro Cup ...

Toronto's Little Italy erupted in celebrations after the UEFA Euro 2020 men's soccer championship final on Sunday.

Italy went up against England on their home turf at Wembley Stadium in London, and instead of the cup going "home" to England, the cup went to Rome. The match ended 1-1 after a full 90 minutes and even through to extra time, which forced the game to end with penalty kicks against the two teams.

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England started the match strong, scoring within a few minutes of the first half. Unfortunately for fans, the game didn't end in their team's favour, and they looked absolutely gutted following the loss.

Italian goalie Gianluigi Donnarumma secured the win following the final penalty kick from England's Bukayo Saka, and fans in Toronto went absolutely wild.

Mayor Tory caught the match at the iconic Cafe Diplomatico and was surrounded by a horde of fans watching the game.

Team Italy fans sang arm-in-arm in the streets of Corso Italia.

Tinted blue smoke clouded the streets, and fans waved the Italian flags with pride.

Celebrations were carried out throughout the night. Toronto Police tweeted that Dufferin St. and St. Clair Ave. West had a "large crowd celebrating in the streets," and warned the public to "consider alternate routes of travel." A large stretch of St. Clair was shut down to accommodate the crush of fans.

The parties weren't exclusive to Toronto either. The streets of Woodbridge also became filled with ecstatic Italy fans.

If there's one thing sports fans in Ontario know how to do really well, it's celebrating a win.

Alex Arsenych
Toronto Associate Editor