Forget about planes, trains, and automobiles, your imagination will take you anywhere you want to go! And if you’d rather be living your best Caribbean resort life right now, then you need to visit this beachy lakeside motel in Ontario. With a gorgeous patio bar and a dreamy pool, this spot screams "staycation goals."

Located in Prince Edward County, The Lakeside Motel is filled with all the charm, quality, and beauty that we’ve come to expect in PEC.

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Unlike a traditional motel, this spot offers some unique accommodations, including glamping tents and the cutest shipping container cabin.

Even the standard rooms are stunning, making this an ideal spot to settle in for a weekend of PEC fun.

But you don’t need to spend the night to dip a toe in the pool and enjoy the breathtaking lakeside views from the patio bar.

So if you’re looking to cram one more day trip onto your summer bucket list, why not give this spot a try? 

It’s the tropical vacation you need, just without the expensive airfare.

The patio here looks out over the beautiful Lake Ontario and it will make you feel like you’re floating in the water.

There’s even a cute tree swing on the patio so you can snap something extra cute for the ‘gram while you’re here.

And speaking of Instagrammable moments, the cocktails and snacks here are almost too pretty to consume.

If lounging poolside is what you’re after, there will be a $25 pool fee to get in.

Outside towels are not permitted either, so be prepared to drop a bit more dough on a towel deposit.

It should be noted that parking at the motel is extremely limited, so it’s suggested that you make parking arrangements elsewhere and walk or bike to the spot if possible.

But, honestly, looking at these photos, we're about ready to walk all the way here.

The Lakeside Motel

Price: Prices vary

Address: P349 Wellington Main St., Wellington, ON

Why You Need To Go: You can ditch your passport this summer and still enjoy tropical vibes at The Lakeside Motel in Ontario.