Way to make a whole country proud! After the Toronto Raptors won Game 6 against the Celtics last night, some of Canada’s most prominent figures have been voicing their support for the 6ix team. This includes the prime minister, who got super involved in the Raptors buzz on Wednesday night.

On September 9, the Toronto Raptors faced off against the Boston Celtics for the sixth time.

After losing three games and winning two, there was plenty to play for on Wednesday evening.

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However, thanks to an unbelievable performance from Kyle Lowry, the 6ix team pulled through to win 125-122.

The post-game buzz was pretty real, with an entire Toronto neighbourhood actually erupting in applause! 

Not one to miss out on the fun, Canada's prime minister even had a motivational message to share with the team on Wednesday.

Tweeting shortly after the win, Trudeau cheered, “That’s what I’m talking about, Raptors. On to game 7!”

He wasn’t the only political figure to get involved in the post-game celebrations, either.

Naturally, Toronto Mayor John Tory went all-out, donning his snazzy Raptors suit and a matching mask. “Bring on Game 7!” he tweeted.

MP Catherine McKenna was also heavily invested in Game 6, sharing commentary and memes on social media throughout.

At the half, Gurratan Singh weighed in to share his confidence in the Toronto team, “Never underestimate the heart of a champion,” he tweeted.

The new dad followed up with “Game 7 baby!!!” just two hours later.

The Toronto team's performance was so impressive, other professional athletes were even weighing in. 

Even Kanye West was watching Wednesday night’s game. The rapper shared a photo of himself standing alongside a huge 100-foot screen, noting “It’s a good start.”

While big-name fan Drake is yet to share his opinion on Game 6, he's been vocal in his support for the team since the season returned.

He even sent them personalized candles!

The Raps will return to face the Celtics for Game 7 on Friday, September 11.

No doubt Mayor Tory will be wearing his lucky jacket, the prime minister will be watching every move and the whole of Canada will be rooting for them — no pressure, eh?