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An Entire Toronto Neighbourhood Erupted In Cheers After The Raptors Win Last Night (VIDEO)

Car horns were blaring and people were cheering. 🎉
Toronto Raptors Win Caused An Entire Neighbourhood To Erupt In Cheers (VIDEO)

It looks like all of the 6ix was celebrating the Raptors last night. An entire neighbourhood erupted in celebration after the Toronto Raptors win and fans could be heard cheering from their balconies. Other areas of the city also broke off into celebration. 

The reaction to news of a Game 7 has been shared on social media, and Toronto fans were overjoyed. 

It looks like everyone in St. Jamestown was watching last night because the neighbourhood's reaction was booming. 

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People could clearly be heard sounding off horns, hooting, clapping, whistling, honking, and having a great time. 

After the close game, fans were shouting "Let's Go Raptors" amid tons of victorious car horns.

The clip, which is over a minute long, captured the non-stop applause coming from the fans. 

In a different video of the same complex shared online, dozens of buildings, with all the lights on, are captured overwhelmingly celebrating together in the moment. 

But they weren't the only ones. The OLG Play Stage also had a blaring reaction.

Fans cheered from their cars after the Raptors secured the win, keeping them in the playoffs and evening out the score against Boston. 

The game last night was an intense one. The double-overtime made for a nail-biter of a game, triggering an explosive reaction to the hard-earned win. 

Lowry was the star player, scoring 33 points in his 53 minutes on the court. He even had some other athletes praise him for his hard work. 

The final score was 125-122, which forced a Game 7 for the Raptors. 

The team will be facing the Celtics again for a final round this Friday.

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