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These Toronto Areas Have The Cheapest Townhouses RN In Case You've Been Thinking Of Buying

If you live in a downtown Toronto apartment, you can likely relate to dreaming of buying a roomy home and immediately feeling discouraged because of the price. But you might be able to finally make that dream a reality.

A new Strata report lists areas in and around the 6ix where condo townhouses are the cheapest.

The average townhouse sold for roughly $730,000 or $640 per square foot last month, Strata reports. Condo townhouses are also way cheaper than your average freehold townhouse — by about $367,000.

The neighbourhoods you want to keep an eye on are Scarborough Village-Guildwoood, York University Heights, Mount Dennis, Westminster-Branson, and Jane and Finch.

Right along Scarborough's waterfront at Scarborough Village-Guildwood, the average price for a townhome comes out to $565,000. One three-bedroom unit on Scarborough Golf Club Road is on the market for less than that at $499,900.

The average prices of townhomes for York University Heights and Mount Dennis are $591,500 and $641,000, respectively.

Westminster-Branson at Bathurst and Finch offers the highest average townhome price on the list at $708,000, while the Jane and Finch area offers the most affordable average price at $510,000.

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