Toronto Bar Let People Fill Up Random Things With Beer & A Group Brought A Washing Machine

Other people also went overboard.

Toronto Staff Writer
Toronto Bar Let People Fill Up Random Things With Beer & A Group Brought A Washing Machine
Natalia Manzocco

Sometimes when you're out with your pals, one pint of beer just isn't enough – but maybe a portable washer and dryer is?

Farside in Toronto invited its patrons to help them "kill the kegs" in an interesting way last week before closing down until indoor dining re-opens.

The bar offered discounted rates on beer for people who brought weird containers, with a bonus of it being a competition for the most bizarre container, and the people of Toronto did not disappoint.

From Le Creuset pots to watering cans, detergent containers, milk cartons, and the big winner, a portable washer and dryer, people really got their fill in beer and stored it in unique ways.

Natalia Manzocco, her husband Will Cabana-Marshall and her brother Stefano Manzocco used an old portable washer and dryer to fill up on four pitchers of beer for only $40 and were announced as the winners on Farside's Instagram story.

Natalia posted their setup and experience to TikTok with the caption, "have you ever done something so dumb you are forced to learn how to use TikTok?"

@natmanzoc have you ever done something so dumb you are forced to learn how to use TikTok
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Natalia told Narcity she found out about the competition on Instagram, and she asked her husband and brother what the dumbest thing they could fill up with beer was.

"My husband immediately replied, 'The washing machine.' After that, there was no going back," she said.

Natalia says the fact that they live close to the bar also factored into their decision.

"It seemed like a good competitive move on our part to take advantage of the fact that we live maybe 100 metres away from the bar and use something so incredibly bulky and impractical that nobody else would be able to top it."

To prep their impromptu gauntlet of choice, Natalia says they lined both sides with trash bags to avoid any spillage, and once they got to the bar, they filled the washer side with two pitchers of IPA and the dryer side with two pitchers of peach sour.

After a walk home with their washer and dryer, the group ladled out their refreshments and stored the rest in bottles.

Natalia says they don't know what their prize will be but that "it's truly an honour just to be recognized for doing the dumbest possible thing in a contest devoted to doing dumb things."

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