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Toronto's favourite baseball players are back in the 6ix. The Toronto Blue Jays landed in the city this weekend after getting permission from the federal government to host a summer training camp. However, it won't be business as usual for the team, who plans to live at the Rogers Centre and the attached hotel during the lockdown. 

According to MLB, the Jays won’t be strolling Front Street anytime soon. 

The players will be forced to stay within the confines of the Rogers Centre and the Toronto Marriott City Centre Hotel during their training period. 

So it looks like the stars are going to have to say goodbye to the outside world for the next little while. 

“All check-ins and check-outs will be contactless, while contactless food delivery and private dining will be used to avoid any interaction with the public," reads a statement from MLB.

"The use of common spaces, like taking the elevator, will be discouraged, but players will still have direct access to the field from the hotel, negating any need to leave that bubble.” 

Despite facing a very restrictive living situation, the Jays and general manager, Ross Atkins, seem over the moon about the possibility of returning.

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“One of the things that have come up most often as we talked about those added restrictions is the competitive advantage for us. All great things require significant sacrifice. Our organization, our team, and, most importantly, our players are embracing that," Atkins told The Athletic

The move comes after their Flordia training camp was shut down when players tested positive for COVID-19. 

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Members of the team took to Instagram on Sunday to share photos of their journey back to the 6ix.

Vladimir Guerrero Jr. shared a photo of himself and some of the other Blue Jays on an Air Canada flight back home. 

As the Blue Jays fly back to Toronto from Florida, the Raptors will be doing just the opposite.

The team started training for the return of the NBA season at Disney World this month.

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