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Toronto's Most Comforting Comfort Food Hits Like A Warm Hug (VIDEO)

The Heartbreak Chef is breaking all the hearts.
Video Host & Producer

On this episode of Good Bites Takeout, host Mahlet Yordanos check out The Heartbreak Chef, Toronto's most coveted comfort food. Their menu focuses on things like massive fried chicken sandwiches, chicken & waffles, loaded grilled cheese, and loads of sides.  

Their fried chicken sandwiches are a cult favourite and they're constantly cooking up secret menu items that keep their clients guessing.

After years of catering work, Jerome Robinson (a.k.a the heartbreak chef) decided to open up his own version of a take-out spot back in March 2020. From the day doors opened, people have been lining up for. taste.

The Order:
The Mac & Charlie | $16
Dutty Chicken Sandwich | $12
The Big Ass Chicken Sandwich | $12

Address: 823 Dundas Street West

For more information, check out The Heartbreak Chef on Instagram.

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