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Toronto Trainer Shares 3-Minute Routine If You Feel Like A Blob But Hate Working Out

These will be the sweatiest three minutes of your life. 💦

Finding the motivation to exercise in the same room where you do most of your chilling can feel impossible sometimes.

According to Toronto fitness trainer Celine Lolos, though, you can do a sweaty full-body workout in less time than it takes you to choose something to watch on Netflix.

Lolos, who specializes in Fitness Kickboxing, TRX, and Bootcamp, says that these quick and effective moves require zero equipment and hardly any space on your living room floor.

"You don't need anything but your own body weight to strengthen and tone your muscles, raise your endurance levels and burn fat," she says.

The three-minute routine has just six moves — twenty seconds on, ten seconds of rest.

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In and out squats

From a standing position, bend your knees and jump while separating your feet, so that you land in a wide squat position. Jump out of the squat and bring your legs together, keeping your knees bent.

Better than a regular squat, this move engages your inner and outer thigh muscles, as well as your lower back and calves.

Up and down plank

Start in a plank position. One arm at a time, come down onto your forearms. With the same hand leading, press yourself back up onto your hands one at a time. Repeat with alternation.

Lolos chooses this move over a regular plank because it not only works your abs, but also your lower back, triceps, and deltoids.

Skater lunge

From standing, step one leg back diagonally behind your other leg, slowly and with control. Lower yourself into a lunge until your knee is close to the floor. Return to a standing position and reverse.

This twist on a regular lunge targets your adductors, calves, and hip flexors, and the controlled movement challenges your abs.

Bent-knee V-ups with Russian twists

Begin with your back and legs on the floor. Lift your shoulders
off the ground while simultaneously bringing your knees towards your stomach, creating a V shape. Twist your torso to each side once, then return to the starting position and repeat.

This variation targets your upper and lower abs, your obliques, and hip flexors.

Walkout to tuck jumps

From a standing position, reach your hands towards the floor and begin walking them forward until your wrists are stacked directly under your shoulders. Walk your hands back
up to a standing position and jump up while tucking your knees as close to your chest as possible.

This plyometric workout will test your endurance and is sure to make you break a sweat if you haven't already.

Bear crawl kick through

Start on all fours with your knees hovering slightly above the ground. Tighten your abs to keep your back straight. Rotate your body to the left and keep your right hand on the floor. As your left arm comes up, swing your right leg underneath you into a full extension. Pivot back and reverse the movement.

This full-body exercise targets all the main muscle groups and will finish off your three-minute circuit with a burn.

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