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Two individuals from Toronto have been charged in relation to a human trafficking investigation after allegedly using a social media app to lure a woman into the sex trade.

According to Toronto police, the female victim was allegedly forced into sex work after starting, what she believed to be, a romantic relationship with a man she had met on Snapchat in April.

The man, whose user name on the social media platform was "driptastic," along with another woman, reportedly coerced the victim to "work within the sex trade against her will," while keeping all the money she made as well as her personal belongings.

The suspects, Joshua Oliver, 29, and Marianna Benkartoussa, 22, have been arrested and charged with several offences including trafficking in persons and material benefit from sexual services.

Police are concerned there could be more victims and are encouraging anyone affected to come forward. Anyone with information can contact the police at 416-808-7474.

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