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Toronto Fans Are Overjoyed As Raptors Cheers Erupt At Last Night's Miami Game

"Everyone fan chanting let's go raptors in Miami tonight deserves the world" 🏀💕
Toronto Fans Are Overjoyed As Raptors Cheers Erupt At Last Night's Miami Game

Wednesday night's game against the Miami Heat proved that the Toronto Raptors have some loyal fans in Florida.

Miami's AmericanAirlines Arena invited over 3,000 spectators to the game who were screened by a pack of COVID-19 sniffing dogs, reports CBS Miami.

It turns out that a good handful of those fans were for Toronto, and they cheered loud enough for the viewers at home to hear. 

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During the game, commentators Matty D and Jack confirmed that there were indeed Raptors fans in the stands – and they were the definition of loud and proud!

Fans were thrilled to know that their favourite players were getting the live support they deserve.

Fans on Twitter were quick to show their appreciation for the fans filling the void while the Raptors ride out their season away from home

Despite the cheers, the Raptors weren't able to secure a win out of last night's game, finishing the game with 108 points to Miami's 116.

This isn't the first time that the Raptors felt the love in Florida, though. They got special shoutouts from their fans at home on a billboard in Tampa back in December. 

Until the Raptors are back home and surrounded by a full stadium of devoted fans, we'll just be reliving this moment of pure joy over and over again. 

Raptors pride, far and wide, baby! 

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