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International Travellers At Pearson Airport Are Getting Fined For Refusing The New Rules

Peel Police say they aren't detaining anyone for non-compliance, but there are exceptions.

Canada's new rules for international travellers are now in effect, but not everyone is following them.

Peel Police Constable Akhil Mooken confirmed to Narcity that there have been "several instances of non-compliance" with the new regulations under the Quarantine Act, with dozens of fines issued at Pearson Airport

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As of February 21, 49 offence notices have been issued [at Pearson Airport]. Constable Akhil Mooken

However, Mooken noted that "the majority of those instances were resolved after conversations with the individuals."

Those who still refused to comply were fined, but Mooken says that police are unable to disclose the amount. 

Issuing fines is the most severe action Peel Police are currently taking against those who refuse to comply with government mandates.

"Unless there are serious aggravating circumstances [...] that [place] an individual or the public in danger, we are not detaining individuals who are not complying with the regulations under the Quarantine Act."

Upon arrival, international travellers are now required to take a COVID-19 test.

They must also pre-book accommodations at a government-approved quarantine hotel, each of which has strict rules in place. Travellers must remain there until they receive a negative test result.

Refusing any of these measures is considered an offence under the Quarantine Act. Breaking quarantine could lead to fines of up to $750,000 or six months in prison.

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