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These Are The Rules Travellers Must Follow When Staying In Canada's Quarantine Hotels

There's "monitored outdoor time" and 24/7 security. 🏨

If you’re a traveller staying in one of Canada’s quarantine hotels, rules must be followed at all times!

The federal government has shared insight into what restrictions those staying in the federally-approved facilities face — and it sounds pretty intense.

From “monitored outdoor time,” to cleaning your own room and having limited access to alcohol, this is what a stay in one of Canada’s quarantine locations looks like:

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Traveller Responsibilities 

Upon arriving in the country, travellers are expected to follow the rules and regulations of Canada’s Quarantine Act.

This includes self-monitoring for COVID-19 symptoms and reporting any changes daily via the ArriveCAN app.

They must also “follow the code of conduct of the hotel,” in addition to paying for any and all costs associated with their stay at the location.

Guests at the hotels are required to remain in their assigned rooms at all times unless a security officer or staff member is available to escort them elsewhere.

Face-to-face contact with others must be limited and masks must be worn in all public areas.

What's not permitted?

During their stay, hotel guests are not permitted to leave their hotel room unless it’s “for a medical emergency, for an essential medical service or treatment" or "pre-authorized by a government official.”

In addition, travellers are not allowed to use any shared spaces in the hotels, including pools, gyms, lobbies, courtyards and restaurants.

“You aren't permitted to interact with travellers outside your immediate household or visit common areas of the hotel,” explains the government notice.

All visitors are strictly prohibited.

“You'll be able to make phone or video calls to other people,” it adds.

Is there anything else?

All food and drink will be delivered to the room of each guest, with meals arriving three times daily.

Travellers will be responsible for cleaning and maintaining their own space, as staff are not permitted to enter guest’s rooms to clean during the quarantine period.

Those without symptoms can go outside for “limited and monitored outdoor time.”

Alcohol and cannabis products, according to the government, are not considered to be essential; therefore, quarantine hotels are not required to provide or deliver them.

What about enforcement measures?

Refusing to comply with any of Canada’s quarantine rules is an offence under the Quarantine Act.

Travellers could face fines of up to $750,000 for non-compliance or up to six months of imprisonment.

The penalties are stricter if a person “breaks mandatory quarantine or isolation requirements, and causes the death of or serious bodily harm to another person.”

In this case, fines of up to $1,000,000 are possible, or up to three years in prison.

In every hotel, 24-hour security is onsite to ensure guests are following all of the rules.