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7 Ontario Jobs You Can Apply To Right Now That Pay $70K A Year Or More

Get that resume ready!
Toronto Senior Staff Writer

It's an expensive world out there, especially if you live in a big city.

Fortunately, there are more than a few high-paying jobs in Ontario that are currently hiring, and they come with a salary of at least $70,000 per year. 

Of course, you typically need to have a solid mix of education and experience to qualify for that kind of paycheque, but some of these jobs only ask for a few years of work under your belt or even just a high school diploma.

So it's time to fix up your resume and start applying — you might just land your dream job.

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Greenhouse Manager

Salary: $80,000 - $82,000 per year

Company: Livox Organics Inc.

City: Lowbanks, ON

Who Should Apply: Spend the day surrounded by plants with this position. Duties include ordering stock, supervising staff, and maintaining the required environment in the nursery. A college-level education is required, as well as a year or more of experience.

Apply Here

Communications Advisor

Salary: $44 per hour

Company: City Of Hamilton

City: Hamilton, ON

Who Should Apply: Join the mayor's team and oversee social media, communications, and promotions plans. Candidates should be strong team players and have experience in public relations or a post-secondary education in a related field.

Apply Here

Yacht Broker

Salary: $117,738 - $143,902 per year

Company: United City Yachts

City: Kingston, ON

Who Should Apply: If you have a passion for boating, this might be a job for you. This yacht sales network is hiring a broker who has experience with customer relationship management and sales. A college or university degree is an asset.

Apply Here

Police Constable

Salary: $70,426 - $100,609 per year

Company: Hamilton Police Service

City: Hamilton, ON

Who Should Apply: You could join the police force and make some good money, too. There is a list of requirements, such as a grade 12 education, Standard First Aid and CPR, and a completed OACP Certificate.

Apply Here

Operations Manager

Salary: $47.50 per hour

Company: Holiday Inn Express Pembroke

City: Pembroke, ON

Who Should Apply: If you're a good team player and can work under pressure, this management position could be a good fit. The job entails approving policies, human resource planning, and more. A bachelor's degree is required as well as a year or more of relevant experience.

Apply Here

Human Resources Consultant 

Salary: $49 per hour

Company: Toolway

City: Woodbridge, ON

Who Should Apply: From hiring and training staff to planning human resource policies, this job requires attention to detail and someone who can handle a large workload. A college education is required, as well as a year or more of related experience.

Apply Here

Street Outreach Programs Officer

Salary: $95,596.80 - $112,320 per year

Company: City Of Toronto

City: Toronto, ON

Who Should Apply: The Street Outreach Programs Officer is responsible for supporting shelters and respite centres in the city. The applicant should have a post-secondary education in a social services-related field or equivalent experience. They should also have experience mentoring individuals and facilitating community engagement.

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