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Toronto Police Are Warning Of A New Scam Involving Fake Taxis

The scammers are stealing debit card information.
Toronto Staff Writer
Toronto Taxi Scam Involving Fake Vehicles Has Police Warning The Public

Police issued a public safety alert on Tuesday, warning residents about a new Toronto taxi scam.

According to a report, the scheme is a two-person job that involves one posing as a fake taxi driver and the other as a distressed customer.

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Police believe there may be others operating similar scams as well as further victims.  Toronto Police

A fake taxi is reportedly parked in a parking lot before the scammer approaches a victim. 

The fake customer asks the victim for a debit card to pay their cab fare, stating that the taxi won't accept cash due to COVID-19. 

The individual then inputs the PIN for their card into a modified Point of Sale terminal, which records its data.

After the transaction is completed, the victim is handed back a fake bank card resembling their own.

"The suspects are then in possession of the victim’s actual debit card and use the PIN to make a number of fraudulent purchases and withdrawals," police added.

It is believed that others are operating similar scams in the city. 

Anyone with information on this scam is asked to call police at 416-808-3200. 

*Cover photo used for illustrative purposes only. 

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