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Toronto Teachers Walk Out After School Tests All Students & Finds Dozens Of COVID-19 Cases

Over 400 students and staff are isolating at home.

After Thorncliffe Park Public School decided to test all of its students, even those that were asymptomatic, it uncovered 19 confirmed cases of COVID-19.

Now, three Toronto teachers have walked off the job over concerns surrounding the transmission of the virus.

Ryan Bird, manager of corporate & social media relations for the Toronto District School Board, provided a statement to Narcity regarding the refusal to work.

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3 of 30 staff members at the school have begun the work refusal process and are not inside the school. Ryan Bird, Toronto District School Board

"Their classes are covered by other non-core staff in the school and we are working with the Ministry of Labour and the specific staff to address concerns," he continued.

When the tests were administered and results received, principal Jeff Crane sent a letter out to families addressing possible concerns.

"I know news of these additional cases will, understandably, be worrisome for families,” he wrote.

"Since COVID-19 continues to spread in the community, finding additional cases in schools from broad testing is not unexpected at this time," he continued, offering some hope to families of the school.

According to CP24, while the elementary school remains open, there are currently 384 students and 27 teachers self-isolating at home.

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