Dr. Andrew Boozary spent Wednesday, April 28, helping out at a Toronto vaccine site in the Rexdale neighbourhood, even handing out umbrellas and garbage bags to people standing in the rainy lineup, which wound around the block.

"This is the home stretch," he told Narcity in a phone interview on Wednesday afternoon. "This is the race of our lifetime."

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Dr. Boozary is the Executive Director of Social Medicine at Toronto's University Health Network, and he told Narcity that he hopes lines will get smaller as more and more people get vaccinated.

"Don't be deterred [by difficulty accessing the vaccine]," Dr. Boozary said. "We know how much this is shifting us forward, how much this is propelling us forward. [..] And we really just have to keep on the hope, keep fighting and moving, and continuing to have solidarity with one another. We have to take care of each other."

"We need to be getting vaccines out to where the fires are," he added. "It is been a tale of two pandemics in certain neighbourhoods being on fire throughout the pandemic, and where we have life-saving measures now and multiple vaccines, we have to ensure that they're out in communities and accessible to communities, because we know that the calculus is life and death right now."