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You Can Now See An Adorable Tiger Cub At The Toronto Zoo For The First Time In Years

The Amur tiger cub is a part of an endangered species!

Toronto Zoo Has Rare Tiger Cub On Display For The First Time In Years

The Toronto Zoo opened up a special exhibit today with Amur tiger cub on display for the first time in years.

Starting July 12, visitors can take a daily peek at the adorable cub from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. in the Amur tiger habitat.

The unnamed cub, who is currently nicknamed Big, was born in the early hours of May 1 to 14-year old mom, Mazy, alongside two other siblings.

Big now weighs 7.5 kg, and according to the Toronto Zoo, she is growing more "confident" and "adventurous."

Unfortunately, the cub's two siblings passed away due to different health conditions leaving only one surviving cub from the litter. The news of their deaths was especially saddening as Amur tigers are listed as an endangered species according to the Toronto Zoo.

The survivor Big is a part of the first litter of Amur tiger cubs born at the Toronto Zoo since 2007.

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