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Hundreds Of Brass Rail Customers Gave Out Fake Contact Info For COVID-19 Tracing

Toronto Public Health really wants people to stop doing this. 😓
The Brass Rail Was Only Able To Collect One Third Of Patrons Tracing Information Ahead Of COVID-19 Exposure

It turns out that many patrons of Toronto's Brass Rail Tavern didn't give their real names and numbers to staff for contract tracing.

In fact, Toronto Public Health was only able to contact just over one-third of the customers who may have been exposed to COVID-19 when an employee tested positive earlier this month.

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Toronto Public Health was able to reach 157 of the 441 patrons.

Toronto Public Health

"No one wants to be traced or surveilled in open societies such as ours," former Information and Privacy Commissioner for Ontario, Ann Cavoukian, told CityNews.

Instead, Cavoukian suggested the COVID-19 tracing app as a more private, secure alternative.

Toronto Public Health told Narcity that they would like to "stress the important role the public can play to support contact tracing efforts in situations like these by providing accurate contact information."

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