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You Can Get Rainbow Corn & Fried Oreos At This Wild Toronto Pop-Up Right Now

You don't need to go to the CNE to try these crazy dishes.

Fancy some dill pickle ice cream? What about a jalapeño margarita and lemonade? While these sound like things you might find on a different planet, you can actually get them here in Toronto. A brand new pop-up bar is opening downtown, and it's bringing the wildest foods along with it. Toronto's Kiss Me patio is happening this month, and you can indulge in the most insane dishes. 

The Ex may not be happening this year, but that doesn't mean you have to miss out on all the crazy treats

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Kiss Me is a brand new patio popping up in the city from July 31 to September 7.

The 3 piece outdoor picnic will feature an ice cream shoppe, licenced patio, and food market.

Located at the southwest corner of Bathurst and Richmond, the experience has a festive picnic vibe and views of the CN Tower.

The entire event takes place outdoors. There will be three patios, including one of the cities larger ones with seating for 226 people.

The area also boasts a 10-foot wood fire BBQ pit and two bars, including a tropical tiki one.

You can fill up on all sorts of staple festival food and drinks, such as lemonade, mac and cheese, mini donuts, and more.

The rotating menu allows you to try all sorts of unique new dishes.

If you're looking to take your eating experience to a whole new level, you can order some outrageous treats as well.

Some of the most insane items include Hot Cheeto Roasted Corn, Pickle Margaritas, Avocado Coconut Soft Serve in a coconut, and Poutine Pierogies.

No picnic is complete without rosé, and you can sip Cotton Candy Rosé champagne and wine for the perfect summer treat. 

Even Muggles can get in on the magic with the limited time Smoking Buttery Beer Soft Serve.

Distancing and safety measures are in place, and credit or debit payments are recommended. Masks are also recommended and will be available at the door.

If you're looking for more tasty treats, you can head out to this market in Toronto serving up more over-the-top eats.

Get ready for all the food of your dreams at this unique pop-up patio!

Kiss Me

Kiss Me Pop Up

Price: Prices vary

When: July 31 - September 7, 2020

Address: 164 Bathurst St., Toronto, ON

Why You Need To Go: Get your summer treat fill at this pop-up patio with insane food and drinks.