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Toronto's Iconic Rogers Centre Might Be Getting Destroyed

Half of it could be turned into condos, apparently.
Toronto's Iconic Rogers Centre Might Be Getting Destroyed

After years of talk surrounding the project, Toronto's Rogers Centre might face demolition, reports The Globe and Mail.

Apparently, the owner of the stadium is working on a plan to demolish the old stadium and replace it with a new one, approximately half the size of the one that currently stands.

A portion of the northern end of the stadium would be turned into condos, office buildings, stores, and public space.

The Globe and Mail reached out to Rogers for comment, but they provided little information as far as an update is concerned.

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Prior to the pandemic, we were exploring options for the stadium but through this year our primary focus has been keeping our customers connected and employees safe, so there is no update on the Rogers Centre to share at this time. Rogers chief communications officer Sevaun Palvetzian

While the company is prioritizing building the new ballpark in the same location as the current one, they are also eyeing up some waterfront quay-side properties, says The Globe and Mail — specifically, the location where Google recently pulled out of the Sidewalk Labs project.

The stadium originally opened in 1989, but back then it was called The Skydome.

In 2004, Rogers purchased the stadium for $25-million.

Last season, The Blue Jays didn't even play their games at Rogers Centre. Instead, they were forced to play in Buffalo due to the USA-Canada border closure.

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