A Massive New Sunflower Field Is Opening Near Toronto & It's Stunning (PHOTOS)

It's the size of 8 football fields!
Toronto's The Sunflower Farm Is Opening This Week & It's Stunning (PHOTOS)
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It's finally the time of year where we can get lost in fields of giant yellow flowers. Sunflowers are beginning to bloom, and now there's a brand new place to take in the floral views. A massive field is opening soon in Ontario, and it boasts 10 acres of gorgeous blossoms to explore. Grab your camera and head out to Toronto's The Sunflower Farm this season. 

Turn your world yellow by heading out to this new floral attraction. 

A massive new sunflower field is opening near Toronto, and it boasts endless fields of blooms to wander along.

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The Sunflower Farm is the largest and first-ever sunflower farm in Durham Region.

With 10 acres filled with over 150,000 sunflowers, this dreamy farm is hosting its Grand Bloom Opening on Thursday, July 30. 

The owner of the attraction informed Narcity that this is her first year growing sunflowers to this scale. 

The attraction hopes to inspire younger generations to "get back to their farming roots."

[rebelmouse-image 25990049 photo_credit="Dani Marie Photography | Handout" expand=1 original_size="3711x2474"] Dani Marie Photography | Handout

You can wander along the sunflower trail and take Insta-worthy pictures with the tractor, signs, and other photo ops.

There are also several events taking place in the field, such as yoga and sunflower paint night.

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Private photography sessions can be booked in advance on the website.

The entrance fee costs $10 per adult, which includes parking.

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If you'd like to take some of the cheerfulness home with you, sunflowers are available for purchase at the entrance.

You can get even more lost in gorgeous blooms by visiting this giant sunflower maze near Toronto this season.

You can also visit a farm full of these yellow flowers in Caledon, which is the size of 22 football fields. 

[rebelmouse-image 25990052 photo_credit="Ursula Kressibucher | Handout" expand=1 original_size="4500x4500"] Ursula Kressibucher | Handout

The Sunflower Farm

Price: $10 per adult

When: Opening Thursday, July 30, 2020

Address: HWY 48 & Sideroad 17, Beaverton, ON

Why You Need To Go: Explore 10 acres of gorgeous blooms at this brand new farm.

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