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Residents Share How Living In Toronto's 'Tiny Shelters' Has Made A Huge Difference (VIDEO)

'It saved my life,' says one resident in the video.
Toronto's Tiny Shelter Residents Share What Living In One Is Really Like (VIDEO)

The residents of Toronto's tiny shelters have shared some video testimonials about what they're like to live in.

The City of Toronto has raised concerns about the safety of the tiny shelters, but residents in the video say their quality of life has improved after moving into them.

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The video was made in part by Khaleel Seivwright, the creator of the tiny shelters, who posted the link on YouTube and the project's GoFundMe page.

In the video, various residents talk about the benefits of the structures, including the warmth, security, and safety they provide.

"It saved my life, basically," says one resident. "Without it, people would be dropping left, right, and centre."

The City of Toronto has threatened to take the structures off of public property due to "significant health and safety" concerns and has re-iterated their commitment to securing shelter placements for Toronto's unhoused community.

But Seivwright said his tiny shelters will stop people from "freezing to death," and it seems as though some of the people inside them appreciate the structures.

"I don't feel unsafe, I feel secure," says another resident. "I feel like I actually have a home."

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