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The City Of Toronto Threatens To Tear Down Tiny Winter Homes For Homeless People In Parks

The carpenter behind the project says he'll find a way around the warning.

The combination of a full lockdown and a snowstorm in Toronto means it's more difficult than ever to be unhoused in the city.

But a man building Toronto tiny homes for people without shelter this winter has been told by the City of Toronto to stop his construction.

According to the CBC, Khaleel Seivwright, the 28-year-old carpenter behind the Toronto Tiny Shelters project, has been threatened with legal action if he doesn't remove the shelters from the City of Toronto parks.

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I know it might help at least a few people get through this winter who might [otherwise] not. Khaleel Seivwright

Speaking to the CBC, Seivwright says the plan is to move the shelters onto private property.

"We still have to build these things," Seivwright said. "There's still going to be people that need them, regardless of what the city is saying about them. We just find a way to work around this now."

A spokesperson for the City of Toronto told Narcity via email that the city provides shelter for nearly 6,000 people every night and is adding more spaces for winter.

They did not discuss any details relating to Seivwright's shelters, but they added that any encampments or structures in city parks are prohibited by the city's bylaws.

A fundraiser for the shelters on GoFundMe has raised over $135,000 at the time of writing.

The shelters are designed to be kept warm by body heat, which, according to Seivwright, is enough to keep the tiny structure feel like 16 degrees Celcius even if it's -20 degrees Celsius outside.

"I love designing and building different interesting ideas and I know it might help at least a few people get through this winter who might [otherwise] not and others in the future as well," wrote Seivwright on the GoFundMe page.