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Toronto’s About To Get Ridiculously Hot & Muggy Weather For A Week Straight

Sweltering heat is making a major comeback.

Torontonians can forget about the snow that swept across the province last Friday because it's about to feel a lot like summer. The next two weeks will bring stifling heat to the city, according to The Weather Network's 14-day forecast.

Temperatures will climb steadily over the next several days and by Saturday, June 5, a high of 32 C with humidity is in the forecast, but possible showers could bring some temporary relief from the heat.

Sunday will feel even hotter at 34 C, with mainly sunny skies. Daytime highs will hover at 27 C from Monday, June 7 to Wednesday, June 9.

After Wednesday, a slight cool is expected. By Saturday, June 12, the daytime temperature will reach 24 C, followed by a pleasant 23 C the next day.

This is a complete 180 from the snowfall Ontario experienced last week, which had people's backyards looking like a late-spring snowglobe. The next two weeks are just a taste of the sweltering and stormy weather to come this summer, according to long-range forecast predictions for Ontario.