Here's When It Could Actually Start To Feel Like Summer In Toronto

The next few weeks will be a wild ride, according to the long-range forecast.

Here's When It Could Actually Start To Feel Like Summer In Toronto

It may seem hard to believe with the unpleasant weather we've been having, but Toronto's weather could be taking a turn into summer-like territory in the coming weeks.

The long-range weather forecast for Southern Ontario published by the Old Farmer's Almanac accurately predicted rainy and cool temperatures in the first few days of May — sadly, this pattern is set to continue until May 13.

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However, sunshine is set to return around mid-May with temperatures warming up by May 27, with showers and cooler periods in between.

Conditions will turn hot and stormy come the first week of June in Southern Ontario, with showers persisting throughout much of the month until June 28, when the weather will become sunny and warm. The average temperature in June will be about 19.5 C, with rainfall amounts of about 130 millimetres.

"Sweltering" and stormy weather will dominate much of Ontario's summer this year, according to the Farmer's Almanac's summer forecast. It says Ontario's hottest weather won't arrive until later in the season, around August and into September.

"It's going to be an ice cream melting, thunder-filled summer," said Almanac editor Peter Geiger to CTV News.