Canada's Summer Forecast Just Dropped & It's Going To Be A 'Sweltering' Season

There's a catch though!
Summer Forecast For 2021 In Canada Calls For "Sizzling" Heat
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The summer forecast for 2021 in Canada has dropped and there's going to be heat across the country during the season with some provinces enjoying "sizzling" and "sweltering" warmth.

The Farmers' Almanac released its projections for the upcoming season and it looks like there will be stormy weather but really hot temperatures.

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This new forecast is calling for above-normal summer temperatures in almost all of the country and especially in the east.

However, the heat will arrive later than normal and the Farmers' Almanac is expecting that it will peak from late August to early September.

When it comes to storms, they'll mainly happen east of B.C. and many could be severe which could result in tornadoes in the Prairies during June and July.

What's the forecast for each province?

For the summer, B.C. will be warmer and drier than normal while the Prairies will get searing temperatures, showers and occasional big storms that could cause tornadoes.

Ontario will experience "sweltering" heat along with frequent showers and thunderstorms.

Quebec will be "sizzling" and showery especially in the late summer.

There will be "sultry" temperatures and frequent showers during the season in Atlantic Canada.

Summer officially arrives in Canada on June 20!

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