Ontario's stay-at-home order may be officially over, but it seems that Mother Nature has her own plans to keep us indoors. A heatwave is moving through the province in the coming days and it'll feel like nearly 40 degrees in Ottawa, Toronto, Sudbury, Windsor, and everywhere in between.

The Weather Network's forecast predicts that temperatures will climb to 30 by this weekend and into next week, with humidity levels in the upper 30s.

While a slight cool down is expected to provide some relief from the extreme heat next weekend, temperatures throughout the week will hover at or just below 30 in many parts of the province. The Weather Network reports that the humidex could extend to the low 40s in Southern Ontario.

London is looking at a high of 39 this time next week, and Ottawa will see 37-degree humidity. Central Ontario cities like Barrie will also be feeling the heat, and even Sudbury will get sizzling humidex values in the mid-30s. Toronto's humidity levels will peak at 36 at the start of next week.

Summer will be a mixed bag this year in Ontario, according to The Weather Network's latest predictions. Scorching heat will be interrupted by periods of stormy weather and even an extended cool front in the coming months. Seeing as parts of the province saw snow just last week, anything is possible.