During Wednesday's post-game media scrum, Kyle Lowry had a lot to share about the U.S. Capitol siege.

"Honestly, the basketball doesn't matter today," the Raptors point guard said to the media. "What occurred today at Capitol Hill is kind of disturbing."

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Honestly, we say 2021 is a new year but the same situations are still prevalent and in our face. Kyle Lowry

"The fact that people were allowed to basically rush in, take over a federal building without any type of enforcement to not do that and just do whatever they want," he continued.

"If they were people of colour, I think it would've been a whole different situation."

"What happened with Kenosha and with the officer not being charged, it's just kind of a slap in the face to Black people all over the world."

Fred VanVleet spoke after Lowry, saying that what happened was "no surprise."

"America has been racist, it's probably going to continue to be racist and we've got to continue to try and do our part in that system," VanVleet said.

Nick Nurse had some choice words for the riots, calling them "disturbing, disgusting, incredulous."

Ahead of the Raptors' Wednesday game against the Phoenix Suns, the two teams joined arms in a display of unity as violence erupted at the Capitol.