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Canada Warns That Travelling Abroad Right Now Could Cost ‘Your Health & Your Wallet’

You could even end up stuck overseas!
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Travelling Abroad Right Now Could Cost ‘Your Health & Your Wallet’ Warns Canada

When it comes to travelling abroad right now, the Government of Canada is doubling down on its advice.

In a new tweet, an official federal page has warned that taking an international vacation during the COVID-19 pandemic could be a mistake for “your health and your wallet.”

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The notice, shared on January 17, warns travellers to “Expect significant delays for mandatory #COVID19 testing.”

“You could be stuck at your destination,” it concludes.

The message comes around 10 days after Canada’s travel rules got an update.

All incoming air passengers are now required to show a negative COVID-19 test prior to boarding, in addition to the country’s mandatory 14-day quarantine period upon arrival.

Transport Canada has warned on multiple occasions that taking a trip abroad during the pandemic could result in difficulty returning to Canada.

Canadians have even been told they could get stuck overseas if they’re unable to obtain the necessary documentation to return.

While there’s no outright travel ban in place, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has told travellers that it’s time to “take this seriously,” and said, “no one should be vacationing abroad right now.” 

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