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Trudeau Just Chatted With Biden About Everything From The Canada-US Border To The Olympics

They discussed Team Canada's win against the U.S. in women's soccer. 🇨🇦🇺🇸

Trudeau & Biden Just Talked About Everything From Borders To Olympics

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and President Joe Biden have been catching up via phone and it seems like the duo had plenty to talk about.

A release from Trudeau's office on August 2 confirmed that the two leaders had discussed all sorts of things while chatting on Monday, including their approach for reopening the U.S.-Canada border and the Olympic Games in Tokyo.

Per the notice, they talked about post-pandemic recovery, the COVID-19 impact on women and the "significant alignment between labour and environmental standards in both countries."

While Canada and the States have taken different approaches to reopening their borders, the two leaders committed to "close collaboration" when it comes to the management of cross-border discretionary travel.

The PM and president also talked about the ongoing Tokyo Olympics, including Team Canada's unexpected win in women's soccer on Monday. The Canadians defeated the number-one ranked American team 1-0 in their semifinal.

It's hardly surprising the duo chatted sport during their phone call, as it comes just a week after Trudeau sent a bunch of Montreal smoked meat sandwiches to Biden following a "friendly wager" ahead of the Stanley Cup final.

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