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Trump Just Made His First Speech Since The Riots & Is Still Calling COVID-19 'China Virus'

He said there are so many different names for COVID-19.
Trump's Speech Was The First Since The Riots & He's Still Calling COVID-19 'China Virus'

On Tuesday, January 12, Donald Trump gave a speech at the Mexican border. This was his first official appearance since the riots at the U.S. Capitol on January 6. 

While his address was predominately about the wall that's been built on the Mexican border, he also spoke about recent impeachment rumours, freedom of speech, and COVID-19

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My institution also instituted vital public health measures on the border in response to the China virus. Donald Trump

The president continued to say that "illegal immigrants are being promptly removed to protect the health of border agents, other migrants and local communities, and the public at large."

He began to speak about the impact of COVID-19 on various parts of Mexico.

"The's got about 24 names I can call it from COVID to China Virus. I can call it the plague, I can call it the China plague. A lot of different names. But we always call it the invisible enemy." 

Trump said that the "invisible enemy" has been especially hard on Mexico. He added that the U.S. has areas right along the border that are "in great shape" while those in Mexico are "suffering on the other side." 

He said that the wall has empowered ICE and border control to fulfill their oath even though it's a "tough... [and] nasty job." 

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