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Alberta Was Just Called Out For Delaying Indigenous Reconciliation Attempts

Despite having the most residential schools in Canada.
Alberta Was Just Called Out For Delaying Indigenous Reconciliation Attempts

Three Commissioners of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) are coming forward in an open letter about how slow Canada is moving on Calls to Action they agreed upon five years ago. 

"Five years ago today, we delivered a report, and 94 Calls to Action, that we hoped would change the fabric of Canada forever, and bring forward important changes in Canada's relationship with Indigenous peoples," said Senator Murray Sinclair

Beyond the country as a whole, the open letter notes that some provinces have called for further delay and points a serious finger at Alberta. 

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I am most disheartened that Alberta, the province that had the highest number of residential schools in Canada, is leading these attempts at delays." Commissioner Wilton Littlechild

While the commissioners knew the road to reconciliation would be a long one, they've apparently seen little progress five years later. 

"[...] it is very concerning that the federal government still does not have a tangible plan for how they will work towards implementing the Calls to Action," wrote Senator Murray Sinclar.

Commissioner Wilton Littlechild added that "Reconciliation and respect for rights of Indigenous peoples must go hand in hand," in reference to Alberta's "attempts at delays."

"All governments need to do more to ensure that Survivors can see real and meaningful progress in their lifetimes," Commissioner Marie Wilson pleaded. 

Today is the fifth anniversary of the TRC final report and these Commissioners are not resting until they see progress. 

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