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UBC Sauder School Of Business Is Ideal For Students Who Want To Make A Difference

It takes a more holistic approach to business.

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UBC Sauder School Of Business Is Perfect For Students Who Want To Make A Difference

When you think of a career in business, words like ambition, leadership and innovation may come to mind. The UBC Sauder School of Business gives its students the tools they need to think more creatively. With an approach that emphasizes ethical practices and positive social change, UBC Sauder is educating the next generation of leaders who aspire to make an impact through business.

Located in the heart of Vancouver, UBC Sauder is uniquely positioned to embody the West Coast perspective — one that values sustainability in pursuit of a better world. This holistic lens guides the journey that each student takes during their time at the school (and beyond), inspiring both personal and professional development.

Chanel Trac, a 2020 graduate from the UBC Master of Management program, is now combining her love of business and science as she works on the technology team for a pharmaceutical company. Chanel says UBC Sauder was the ideal place to study before entering this field because the school places a focus on ethics in business.

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She recognizes that being unethical is not only disruptive for your conscience, it's also bad for business.

"You can no longer be ignorant to these ethics and sustainability issues because they actually do start impacting your bottom line. We've seen industries like fast fashion taking a fall because of these issues. Many companies are [...] under fire when they go through these issues. So I think it's really important to be cautious and be prepared to tackle these issues for the sake of your business's future," says Chanel.

"I find that [UBC Sauder] definitely did provide a really holistic view and seeing established professors in the industry talk about [ethics] so transparently, I think it gave me a lot of hope that there is a way to redefine business. Being in the pharmaceutical industry, I absolutely think about how ethics plays a role in my work. I'm very conscious of the impact that pharmaceutical companies can have on communities' quality and access to healthcare around the world."

To foster an understanding of the impact businesses can make on the world, UBC Sauder offers students an experience that goes beyond the campus. UBC Sauder is the only Canadian school that's part of the Global Network for Advanced Management. This means that students have access to a network of courses, students and faculty at 32 top universities worldwide (from Yale School of Management to HEC Paris).

Plus, those who take part in the Global Immersion Experience are invited to tackle real-world problems, such as increased urbanization and climate change, alongside other students from around the world.

This school of business is a player on the global stage, attracting students from around the world to its Vancouver campus. Abhishek Ramesh, 2019 Master of Business Analytics graduate, says he was drawn to UBC Sauder as an international student because of the school's credible reputation. Once he started his studies, Abhishek stayed for the thought-out program content and excellent learning opportunities.

"Whether it's in the form of some brilliant professors and people who always go beyond the length of their classroom to help us out, [or] in terms of providing us with internship opportunities as well as some really fascinating industry exposure during the program," Abhishek tells Narcity. "It helps us connect the dots."

As an analytics professional "with a constant drive to solve and explore business challenges through the power of data," Abhishek says his graduate degree from UBC Sauder gave him the flexibility he craved. "Unlike a technical degree that requires you to be a bit more selective and carve out your own niche, business degrees enable you that freedom and flexibility when it comes to what you want to take away from your program," he says.

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Abhishek's response aligns with UBC Sauder's objective — to nurture the students' understanding of how their passions can be used to make a difference. UBC MBA grad Aubrey Chapnick chose to study at UBC Sauder because it allowed both professional and personal growth.

"UBC really helped, number one, broaden out my skillset and give me a whole lot of capabilities that I never thought that I could develop in the same way that I have now," Aubrey told Narcity. "And it's also opened me up to [...] what I'm interested and passionate about, which is the financial services industry. I discovered that at UBC."

Now working in product and strategy at TD asset management, Aubrey says that his program brought him down an unexpected path. He was taught that entrepreneurs aren't only analytical, they're also creative — and this knowledge inspired him to pursue what he is truly passionate about.

UBC Sauder provides an education that empowers students to shape their careers into ones that are meaningful, impactful and fulfilling. That's how great leaders are made: with support and the tools for success.

To learn more about UBC Sauder School of Business, visit their website or check them out on Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

All thoughts expressed are of the interviewees and not of their employers.