Urban Wildlife Series 'Edge of Frame' Drops On Narcity & You've Never Seen Canada Like This

Foxes, beavers and whales — oh my!

​Wildlife photographer Andrew Budziak is the creator of "Edge of Frame."

Wildlife photographer Andrew Budziak is the creator of "Edge of Frame."

Andrew Budziak - Wildlife Photographer

Dropping exclusively on Narcity’s YouTube Channel, follow urban wildlife photographer Andrew Budziak as he travels across Canada capturing photos of the awesome animals hiding in the cities we call home.

In Edge of Frame, Andrew adventures through the urban landscape in search of foxes, raccoons, beavers and whales while exploring Vancouver, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Toronto, Montreal and St. John’s. Edge of Frame showcases your city as you’ve never seen it before.

So grab your camera — things are about to get wild.

Episode 2: Edmonton

Episode 1: Vancouver

Andrew Budziak, creator of Edge of Frame, told Narcity: “From beginning to end, creating Edge Of Frame was an epic adventure."

"Six cities. 20,000 photos. Scuba diving beneath snow-capped mountains. Incredible food. And some of the most remarkable wildlife this country has to offer. What could be better than that?"

Budziak added, "I love urban wildlife photography and turning that passion into a travel show was absolutely stellar! I haven’t done a final count, but I photographed a lot of species: whales, raccoons, beavers, eagles, groundhogs, foxes, starfish, pelicans… the list goes on.

"What was crazy about shooting this series was that we weren’t only doing wildlife stuff. We did a bunch of restaurant scenes and interviews. We were doing these on the same days I was getting my wildlife photos.

"This maybe wasn’t the best scheduling because we had so little time to sleep. In Edmonton, we had so much to do that we were sleeping in two-hour spurts. All of the photography took place at night and we were shooting in bars and restaurants all day. Leaving that city [we were] just destroyed."

"What you see in the final episodes is pretty nuts," Budziak told Narcity. "There are a lot of crazy moments that make this series so great. But there was some stuff that happened while we were shooting that was just too bizarre to include in the final edits."

Budziack promises that "This is a special series. It takes the best from your favourite genres — wildlife, food, action, adventure — and jams them into this awesome six-episode show. I loved making it. And I hope you’ll love watching it.”

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