If you were wondering what U.S. election candidate Donald Trump has been up to recently, this video might give you some insight!

A new campaign clip shared by the current U.S. president shows him fist-pumping and grooving to the song “YMCA” by The Village People.

The video was shared via Twitter just hours before the polls opened, with the caption “VOTE. VOTE. VOTE.”

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The clip was shared by the president on Twitter, after he previously posted a similar clip to Instagram.

The two-minute video compiles multiple clips of the American leader busting shapes, the majority of which seem to be at various Trump rallies. 

He isn’t the only dodgy dancer, though.

Justin Trudeau has been spotted dropping some seriously questionable moves in the past, especially during his trip to India in 2018.

Despite his loose moves, the Canadian PM is keeping his mouth firmly shut when it comes to who he’d rather win the presidential race.

There's plenty of opportunities to keep up-to-date with the U.S. election in Canada, too.

Local broadcasters will be providing rolling coverage of the event, kicking-off on Tuesday evening.