A Viral Tweet Is Trying To Get Americans To Name Canada's Provinces & Territories

Is it Saskatchewan or "Skansktuan"?
US Election: Canada's Provinces & Territories Are Being Butchered By Americans
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Seems like our neighbours don't know a lot about us. With the drawn-out U.S. election, Canada's provinces and territories are in the spotlight because a viral tweet is trying to get Americans to name them all. People's attempts at listing out all 13 are pretty hilarious.

If you've been watching non-stop U.S. election coverage, you might know more states and even specific counties than you ever did before.

Ziya Tong, a Canadian who is the former co-host of the TV show Daily Planet, posted a tweet on November 6 that's gone viral.

She said that from watching the news, Canadians know U.S. states, counties and suburbs.

Then she asked Americans, "Can you name — without Googling — Canada's 13 provinces & territories?" 

So many of the replies to the tweet are so hilarious with wrong names, misspellings, and lots of missing provinces or territories.

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A switcheroo and other mistakes

This person made quite a few mistakes like spelling B.C. as "British Colombia" and Nunavut as "Nunavet." Northwest Territories was also misspelled.

Perhaps the funniest part of the tweet is the switcheroo and spelling error with "Labrador & Newfoundlad."

Saskatchewan or "Skansktuan"?

This is just so wrong. Lots of people misspell Saskatchewan but "Skansktuan" has got to take the cake. Plus, this person missed one province and all three territories.

P.E.I. confusion

This person got some very wrong information because P.E.I. is in fact a province. At least they spelled Saskatchewan right!

Edmonton gets a mention

Who knew Edmonton was a province? This person also got Northwest Territories' name wrong and didn't realize they also couldn't remember Yukon.

What's Labrador without Newfoundland?

A valiant effort by this person but they missed Northwest Territories and didn't know that it's Newfoundland & Labrador, not just Labrador.


No Manitoba and another terrible misspelling of Saskatchewan. Maybe there should be a PSA about how to spell the province's name?

Now, what's Newfoundland without Labrador?

Once again, one half of Newfoundland & Labrador is forgotten. Other than that and not remembering Northwest Territories, this person did pretty well.

"The Maritimes" is not a province

Despite what this person thought, "The Maritimes" is not a province and neither is Ottawa. Also, the Nunavut disrespect here is wild.

"Prince Edward Isle"

Close, but no cigar! Though, Prince Edward Isle is a pretty cool name. Apologies to Manitoba for being forgotten in this tweet.

Poor Nunavut

Looking past the amusing misspellings of Newfoundland and Saskatchewan, Nunavut was left off the list. However, this person's follow up tweet, when they figured it out, is hilarious.

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