When it comes to having vaccine passports, Canada is working on creating certification for Canadians to have that would allow them to travel internationally again if they've been vaccinated.

Canada's Health Minister Patty Hajdu told CBC Radio the federal government is embracing this type of documentation and that there are talks with G7 countries to work towards a consensus about a system that could work for everyone.

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"We'll be working with our international partners to make sure that whatever the world lands on, Canadians will have documents in the appropriate format," Hajdu said.

A few days before Hajdu said the government is working towards this, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had mentioned that vaccination certificates are "to be expected" and could come to Canada as travel starts up again.

It's been reported that the U.S. and European Union are discussing documentation that would allow fully vaccinated Americans to travel freely to countries in the EU this summer, but Canada hasn't been included in those talks.