Social gatherings have consequences, Dr. Bonnie Henry pointed out on Thursday.

B.C.'s top doc confirmed that there are 45 COVID-19 cases in Metro Vancouver linked to private parties.

She points out that, while these gatherings may be small, it's the "overlapping social groups" that are causing the disease to spread far and wide.

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It seems to be that there are overlapping social groups that have been to a number of parties.

Dr. Bonnie Henry

"Even though they may have been smaller individual parties, the overlapping groups meant that there’s a large number of people that were potentially exposed," Dr. Henry explained.

She compares the situation to Kelowna, where dozens of new cases are being confirmed as a direct result of parties and crowds at bars.

In July, photos of a massive gathering at Vancouver's Third Beach went viral, causing concern about the lack of social distancing.