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A Woman In BC Just Gave Birth While In A Coma Because Of COVID-19

"She's everything to me," said her husband. "She's my wife, she's my life."
A Woman In BC Just Gave Birth While In A Coma Because Of COVID-19

A B.C. woman in a coma is fighting for her life after contracting COVID-19 while pregnant. Further, her newborn son was born via an emergency C-section while she was unconscious. 

According to CBC News, Gill McIntosh began to feel sick during the first week of November. She assumed her symptoms were a result of the pregnancy as she was well into her third trimester.

When things continued to worsen, she went to the hospital while her husband Dave stayed with their daughter.

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When Gill and I got married, I knew she was the one. We were going to have a family together. The whole plan has fallen apart here. Dave McIntosh

Before long, Dave received a text from Gill, informing him that she would be having an emergency C-section because of COVID-19 complications.

Apparently, Dave is completely unsure where she could have caught the novel coronavirus.

Both Gill’s husband and daughter have tested negative and their newborn son is reportedly healthy.

According to Kelowna Now, the family’s communities have already raised over $50,000 through an online fundraiser.

Dave is hoping to take his son home next week. Meanwhile, Gill remains in the hospital in Abbotsford in a medically induced coma and on a ventilator. 

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