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Two Teen Boys Accidentally Dug Up A Human Skeleton In Burnaby On Monday

They were building a fort in the forest.
Burnaby RCMP Investigate A Human Skeleton Found By 2 Teens On Monday

This is just like an episode of CSI.  

On Thursday, July 16, Burnaby RCMP responded to a call in which a 15-year-old boy and his mother reported finding human remains in the woods near Forest Grove Park, as per the police release

The boy and his friend told police they had been building a fort when they unearthed the remains. 

Burnaby RCMP

Burnaby cops arrived at the scene with members of Integrated Forensic Identification Services. 

They have since verified that what the boys found are indeed "skeletal human remains." 

The identity of the remains is not known at this point but the police say that there's no risk to public safety as they continue their investigation. 

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