A Sneaky Realtor In BC Got Caught Picking Bags Of Fruit During A Client Showing (VIDEO)

Basically as dramatic as 'Selling Sunset.'
Fruit-Stealing BC Realtor Gets Caught Bagging Fruits From A Client's Backyard During Showing

A real estate agent in B.C. was caught being a little sneaky. A homeowner in Vancouver called out a realtor for picking fruit from her backyard during a showing on Saturday, August 22. Thanks to security footage, the fruit-stealing B.C. realtor got caught in the act. 

A woman named Jill Chan reportedly posted on Facebook about the whole situation, according to CBC News.

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Chan said that the realtor, who's been identified as Peter Yang, was showing their house to potential buyers on Saturday. No one was home at the time of the showing. 

The post said that the realtor has spotted their pear tree and berry bushes and just straight-up started to pick the fruit and eat it. 

But it didn't end there. Chan went on to say that that the realtor went to his vehicle, grabbed a few plastic bags, and returned to the trees to stuff them full of fruit. 

Apparently he didn't leave a single fruit behind and even encouraged the people viewing the house to take part in the fruit theft. 

Seeds from the fruit that Chan ate were left scattered all over the garden, claimed Chan. A video of the theft was shared by CBC News. 

According to City News, Chan said that she planned to make a complaint with the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver. 

Yang's "appalling" behaviour left feeling distraught, she said in the post. Apparently the garden was a very special place for her grandmother, who passed away recently. 

Chan claimed that Yang tried to return the fruit to her but she didn't accept it. 

A public apology has been issued by Luxmore Realty, the company at which Yang works. 

"I understand that Peter made a really irresponsible and unprofessional behaviour during last Saturday's home showing. I deeply apologize to the homeowner and her family members who were offended by such behaviour," said the statement. 

The statement added that Yang is in the process of apologizing and giving compensation to the Chan family. 

Meanwhile, the real estate company said that they're set to boost training for agents, especially when it comes to property privacy. 

Note to fruit lovers: fruit-picking may be acceptable in some places but someone's private garden is never the right place. 

The article's cover photo was used for illustrative purposes only. 

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