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'Hundreds' Of Vancouver Women Are Getting Their Photos Secretly Taken & Sold Online

"I had absolutely no idea that someone was following me."
Hundreds Of Vancouver Women's Photos Are Getting Taken & Sold Online

Look out, ladies. On Tuesday, June 9, a Vancouver woman named Amanda Gieschen went public with claims that she found photos of herself online that she didn't even know existed. These photos were reportedly taken without consent and sold on an adult website. She believes there are "hundreds" of other photos of Vancouver women online, too.

Narcity spoke to Amanda Gieschen who told us how she came across the photos. 

"Someone told me that a couple of videos were circulating of myself online on the social media platform TikTok," said Gieschen. 

She said that these videos were taken two separate times in one day. The recordings were taken while she was just out and about in the city. She believes one was taken while she was walking on Davie Street and the other while she was near a HomeSense location. 

She said the videos were taken last summer.

Gieschen said, "I had absolutely no idea that someone was following me along with filming me up close and personal."

When she went on TikTok to see the videos for herself, she noticed a watermark on them, with a link reading ""

"I immediately went on the website where I found more photos of myself along with numerous photo collections of girls photographed without their consent throughout the Lower Mainland," Gieschen told us. 

When asked how many other girls were recorded in the same way she was, Gieschen said, "hundreds." 

City News was able to locate photos of "hundreds of women and teenagers taken from inappropriate angles throughout the Lower Mainland."

The photos were taken at places like Richmond Oval and Holland Park, said City News. They also confirmed that the photos and videos that were tracked from TikTok were being sold as well. 

Gieschen told City News that she believes the photographer knew where she lived and followed her home on multiple occasions.

She said that photos and videos taken were an invasion of privacy and made her feel unsafe. 

Narcity spoke to Constable Tania Visintin, a media relations officer at the Vancouver Police Department, who said "this is a very grey area" regarding photos being taken without consent. 

"Someone taking photos of someone in public is not a crime. But if it escalates and now that person feels their safety might be jeopardized, or these photos are taken in a sexual manner – that is when the police need to get involved to investigate," she explained. 

Anyone experiencing something like this or with information about this sort of thing should call the police right away, said Visintin. 

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